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Bots on Intranet

In this video we've show an approach, an idea on how these QnA Bots can be implemented on SharePoint enabled Intranet.

The idea requires some key stake holders form the business to be on board, which also means keeping them not only posted throughout the implementation but also engaged.

The technical solution is about using a Nintex form which will be filled by non technical users from various departments within business, further Azure Logic Apps will retrieve these line items from the respective list and feed into the Microsoft's cognitive services enabled QnA maker, then using Azure functions and SPFX this bot gets deployed on SharePoint online.

SharePoint 2013 - Whats new?

This video outlines some key productivity features of SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint for Websites

Creating Successful Extranets

SharePoint for Intranets

Governance in SharePoint

People | Permissions | Policies

New in SharePoint 2013