All about SharePoint Sites - Changing Themes, creating and changing Logos, changing navigation, using highlighted content webpart.

Creating M365 Groups

Powershell for AZURE and M365 Connect

Versioning in a Document Library

Adding users in M365 Groups.

Creating Trivia using Microsoft Forms.

All about Document Library in SharePoint

How to Stop Cortana's briefing mails in Microsoft 365.

A. User level controls and measures - Article.

B. System level (O365 and Windows 10 through group policies) - Article.

C. This article talks about the required PowerShell which we need to run to enable/disable for users - Article.


According to Microsoft, Cortana’s daily briefing will:

  • Help users to be (better) prepared for meetings by finding related documents and messages and including those items in the briefing email.

  • Follow up on commitments by highlighting requests and commitments from email (MyAnalytics already does this).

  • Protect time by blocking out slots in user calendars for dedicated tasks (again, something that MyAnalytics does at your Workplace).

How to Enable MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) on Office 365 / AZURE

Just a quick video to show how to enable MFA on the M365, although its fairly straightforward, however if you're looking to configure some more settings under MFA then please have a look at this article.