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Greetings, fellow techies, I'm your SharePoint King, (LOL, yeh! you can laugh)

Been slaying this game for over two decades, doing my thing!

I help businesses and non-profits alike,

To harness the power of SharePoint, it's my hike!

I simplify project management, document management too,

Facilitate team collaboration, it's what I do!

From basic intranet pages to complex team sites,

I've developed SharePoint solutions that hit the heights!

You might think, "This guy's a tech genius, oh wow!"

And you know what, you're not wrong, take a bow!

For 20 years, I've dedicated myself,

To delivering cutting-edge digital solutions, top-shelf!

I'm a Digital Workplace Lead these days,

Azure, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, ShareGate, Nintex, and Power Automate, my tech plays!

I build bespoke solutions, nothing less,

My forte lies in security and compliance, I confess!

But that's not all, techies, there's more to my story,

I'm also a people person, part of my glory!

I conduct user workshops, keep stakeholders happy,

Sherlock Holmes of SharePoint? No, not too snappy!

So that's a little bit about me, my SharePoint career,

If you need help, don't fear, just give me a cheer!

SharePoint may not be the hero we deserve, that's true,

But it's definitely the hero we need, and I'm here for you!

Let's talk architecture, governance, and deployment,

Collaborate, automate, and drive business improvement!

So, let's team up, folks, and make your SharePoint dreams come true,

Together we'll conquer SharePoint and make it work for you!